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Rural Resources


Rural Resources Farm is on a former tobacco farm where we now practice sustainable methods to ensure this land for future generations of farmers. We practice organic farming methods, and only use antibiotics as needed and prescribed by the vet. We are a local non-profit connecting farms, food, and families through educational experiences. One of those educational experiences is our Farm and Food Teen Training Program that works with at-risk low income youth from around the county that have food security issues to help improve their food choices and availability. We do this through an intensive 4 year program where teens progress through different levels of food production. In year 1 the teens learn garden and livestock managements with the opportunity of having a home garden. The second year, the teens work with local chefs to learn how to cook fresh food in a healthy manner and use different kitchen equipment from standard home equipment to commercial. During the year, teens also cater meals in the community to reinforce skills they have learned and pick up some job skills. The 3rd and 4th year our teens learn about business development, planning, and implementation. Through this program, pigs have become the teens main livestock learning opportunity.

Heritage hogs are becoming very popular to grow on pastures again as farmers begin to think more about sustainable practices. *Rural Resources Farm and Food Teen Training Program *have been raising a heritage hog, hereford, over the past 10 years. The teens have been producing a few each year for meat production and have begun selling the meat to help cover expenses. The pastured pork program has allowed at-risk low income teens to learn about animal husbandry and business practices. They have spent time learning about rotational grazing practices and the use of cover crops to feed our little herd. The hogs have allowed the teens a hand on experience on farming and food security. Beyond this learning, the teens have learned responsibility, life skills, communication skills, business planning and implementation, and customer service. This project allows us many opportunities to support our mission of connecting farms, food, and families. Beyond just raising the pork for sale, a few piglets in the stock each year are gifted to teens for them to raise for meat to help support their families’ food needs. Purchasing our pork is supporting not only a local farm, but a mission that is making an impact in our community to help educate youth about their food and to impact those who are food insecure.

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You will also find us at several local Farmers Markets throughout the season with our products.