Orchard Creek Farm


Our goal is to provide superior quality at an affordable price.
We grow food biologically without the use of herbicides or pesticides- BEYOND ORGANIC produce, fruits and farm produced products for our local communities.
We achieve our goals by growing crops utilizing a no-till method. The no-till method of growing is a biologically diverse system that enhances plant life and soil fertility.
We specialize in HERITAGE breed livestock that are rotated on pasture and supplemented with grains, minerals and/or our own sprouted fodder.
We practice sound holistic whole system regenerative agriculture. We have created an ecologically balanced environment where people, plants and animals thrive!
There is a new ERA upon us, where sustainability is common place and simple things are more important than materialistic things. We believe that we are to be good stewards of the land.
For volunteer work share learning opportunities please contact us for an application and information at email;

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