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The Market is open for Orders.

Thank You,
J. Shelton

Missed Chance

Good Sunshine Monday,

If you didn’t make the mothers day celebration. You really missed a great day. We had over 19 vendors. We had a lot of nice things to purchase for mothers day.

Several new vendors have joined us this year, with a lot of really good stuff. They will all be getting on line shortly to offer everyone a chance to shop both here and at the physical market.

When orders are place here they can be picked up at the physical market.

THIS YEAR WE WILL BE OPENING ON WEDNESDAY FROM 3 TO 6 PM STARTING ON MAY 27TH. There will be quite a few vendors setting up on wed. so please come by and support your local farmers and talented artist.

Have a great day,
j. shelton

Mothers Day

Wow,Mothers Day is just around the corner. Each of you who still have your mothers, call her daily to tell her how much you love her. I lost mine in August, and I so wish, i could still pick up the phone and call her. She loved to come out here to the farm and work in the garden.

We are going to Celebrate Mothers at the Farmers Market at the Fairgrounds on May 9th,with a special Band “Just Becuz”. Two very talented young Musicians. Bring a lawn chair and join us. We will have a wide array of things available on Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm.

You can order right here on line and pick up your order Saturday at the information Booth. Make Checks payable to greeneville farmers market, or pay with cash.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday and have a great day.

J. Shelton

New Vendors

Good Afternoon Everyone. What a beautiful day we are having. Pray each of you are enjoying this sunshine.

Just wanted to let you know, the market is open for the week, with several new vendors joining us, both on line, and they will also be at opening day of the Market, which is, can you believe it, this Saturday, May 2.

We will not be in our usual place this week, but will be under the Andrew Johnson Pavilion, In the Greene County Fairgrounds. We will have approx. 10 vendors on that day with all sorts of things. Come on out and join us.

See you soon,
J. Shelton


Keep those Orders Coming.

Physical Market opens Saturday May 2, and great vendors will be there, so come on out.

Mothers Day celebration on May 9. the we have a Band ! “Just Becuz” you have got to come out and met these 2 young people.

Keep a growing…

J. Shelton

Growing !

Lots of new things growing with our vendors. There will be some fancy stuff at the regular market (opening May 2) and soon all of the vendors will be selling here on the online market as well.

See you all soon !

Place Those orders over the next few days for pick up on Sat morning.

We are up and running again !

Sorry we have been down for several weeks. But we are finally up and running again. Please take a look at what our vendors have available this week, and place your orders for Saturday Delivery.

Thank You for your understanding.

J. Shelton

March 14th Market

Sorry Folks there will not be a market this week as I will be out of town, at a Farmers Market Conference. I will open the market again for orders the following week.

Thank you for your understanding.

J. Shelton

Finally, Some Sun Shine

Good Afternoon Friends and Neighbors,

Finally we have some sunshine and a little warmth. I see signs of spring, again. Animals having kids, grass growing and farmers getting things ready for planting.

We still have a few die hard farmers that grown things year round, have meat available year round, and some homemade craft items year round.

Why not take a look around and place your order today.

Thanks and have a great week.

J. Shelton

Stay Warm and Cozy !

Hello Friends,

Wish I could follow my own advice, but need to prepare goat, chickens and dogs warm shelter, hay, and food for this really, really cold weather. Not to mention that our furnace is on the fritz, so yet another problem on the farm to take care of. It is always something when you have a farm.

On the bright side, we got another Intern, Cal, from the really cold state of Michigan. He arrived, finally, after Greyhound left him setting for hours, at around 3:30 AM on Monday morning.

If you are out and about, you are welcome to come by our farm “The Ole Farm House” and met Cal, and even throw a few bales of hay if you wish…lol.

Market News: Vendors are eager to take your orders. So place it now.
Please also go to our web site @ and make a donation to help us bring you educational seminars, music, and more vendors when the seasonal market opens.

Thank you for your help and support.
J. Shelton