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While Mother Nature Seems Confused, Our Vendors Are Ready!

As we begin our new week and prepare to open the online market, we have some thoughts to share with you all. This wild Spring weather will challenge us, but we will push onward. Our GFM online and physical market customers want fresh produce and locally-produced crafts. Our participating growers and crafters are dedicated to delivering on your expectations!

More Wacky Weather From Mother Nature

Flashback about one month ago and we posted a blog on this very site talking about Mother Nature’s wild tricks. Spring one day, Winter the next, Spring again, ooops— here’s Winter. Well sadly my friends, we’ve been duped again. Just about an hour prior to my writing this update, I let the dog out only to get pelted by sleet and freezing rain.

Alas, despite the whims of Mother Nature, our potatoes, luffas, garlic, swiss chard and more are already in the ground. So, we’re hoping and praying we get back to warm weather and stay with it until market opening day on May 12th.

*is the wild weather affecting your Spring garden plans? Feel free to share your story with us. Email: and, with your permission, we’ll share your story with our customers in the weeks to come.

Our market customers are awaiting your talent, craft, or produce!

We touched on this last week, but it is still on our hearts. When you see the joy of a farmer’s market customer coming up to your table and smiling as they exchange their hard-earned money for the produce you’ve sweated and toiled to produce on your land, it’s a glorious feeling. Farmer’s markets create win-win situations.

Our question for you is this: What good, skill, or service are you holding back from the Greenville community? We’re actively seeking new vendors, crafters, and teachers who can provide workshops at our market this year. Please, reach out to Judy Shelton @ 552-3023 if you have any questions about becoming a vendor, or about providing a workshop this season.

Is your small garden producing an excess of some crop every season? Are you spending a lot of time canning, preserving and drying your excess? Well, our market customers might be eagerly searching for that crop you produce. If you don’t step up and become a vendor, they may never get what they’re after. Help us bring an abundance and a variety to our wonderful Greeneville fresh produce buyers this season.

Become a vendor on our online market today as well!

We wish you all the best this week and Spring gets back on her feet and tries to stand tall against the last blows of Winter. Are your crops in the ground? Are you taking all the steps required to ensure a plentiful and abundant harvest this year? Get out there sow, so that you may reap in season!