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Seeds 2 Substance


Grown by Jack
Providing LOCALLY GROWN (east TN) and great tasting:
Speciality Herbs & Spices
VISION – To provide fresh, locally grown produce utilizing sustainable Hydroponics & Aquaponics aqua farming technologies
Aquaculture, the growing of fish, and
Hydroponics, the growing of plants in water.
Fish waste is filtered and natural bacteria turn it into a usable fertilizer for the plants.
Plants then uptake that fertilizer and clean the water for the fish.
This cycle repeats, creating a recirculating system where fish and plants thrive together.
Seeds·2·Substance is currently:
Utilizing a 1,500 sq ft climate controlled greenhouse.
Producing approximately 500 units of produce weekly
Jointly working with ETSU MBA students (Christie Michals, Megan Cutshaw, and Maya Roselius) along with ETSU Professors (Craig Turner and Bill Heise) to understand market demand:

Online website
Also selling at
New Vendor with Greeneville Farmers Market, May to October
Customers (e.g., chefs, farmer markets, grocers)
Product portfolio needs of customers
Seasonal changes in desired portfolio
Building additional avenues for Customer to Seeds·2·Substance to meet their year-around needs*s