Umbrella blessings farm

Umbrella blessings farm is a small family run farm in Limestone TN. We sale only items that our family grows or creates. We sale crafts especially hand made jewelry. We also sale produce. Our produce includes a wide variety of naturally grown garden vegetables. Our motto for our farm is "if you pray for rain, carry an umbrella.
"Do you like fresh vegetables just picked ripe from a garden? Would you like to personally know the farmer that raises your food? Then join Umbrella Blessings Farm CSA and order your vegetable basket for each week this summer NOW?
A “ Farm Share” is a simple idea (like buying stock in a company) in which a member buys a yearly “Share” in a farm before the season starts (winter – through early spring) and the dividends are a weekly share of a farmers harvest. In our case, harvest begins in mid May until late October. Each week during the harvest season you pick up your share. We sell our shares as individual shares in order that you may purchase the number you need for your vegetable wants and needs. So, a single person may only buy one or maybe more if they are a vegetarian. A couple 1 or 2 based on their needs. A couple with small children 2 or 3, with teens 4 or even 5. By the way, we do offer payment plans if needed. We will also include recipes from our family and vegetarian/vegan cook books in your bag each week. Bon aperitif!
What are the prices for our shares? Shares are $250.00. Senior shares on fixed income are $150.00 any time. At this time we cannot take EBT cards, but with proof of qualifying for EBT, your shares are also $150.00. We will also have canning shares available by the bushel separate and apart from the weekly shares. We are still working on those prices as seeds for typically canned vegetables have increased dramatically, but they will be a good value for organic produce. However we do need to know what and how much you would like to buy for canning ASAP so we can plan. So call us soon or place your order online. We are also on Facebook at Umbrella Blessings Farm. Our email is We also plan to be at the physical farmers market.
Rodney Piner and Whitney Piner McKinnie and her family, the farmers and crafters at Umbrella Blessings Farm are looking forward to working with you. God bless.

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